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Chamber Continues Embracing AI with New Programming and Chatbot

Chamber Continues Embracing AI with New Programming and Chatbot

Did you realize ChatGPT was released just 18 months ago? The chatbot developed by OpenAI has sparked a tidal wave of conversation and news coverage about how AI would change the world.

Of course, ChatGPT wasn’t the only player for long. Google introduced Bard (now Gemini). Meta introduced Meta AI. Microsoft introduced Copilot. Apple has been curiously quiet on the AI front, although AI has been used in Apple technology for years.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook said in May 2023, "I do think it's very important to be deliberate and thoughtful on how you approach these things." The Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce tends to agree with this sentiment.

“We recognize the potential of AI, but we need to proceed strategically and thoughtfully to make sure we’re delivering value to our members in a meaningful, responsible way,” said Hal English, President and CEO of the Princeton Mercer Chamber. “The value of an AI chatbot is obvious, and we’ll continue to explore opportunities with AI and develop programming to help members understand AI, which is constantly evolving.”

Insightful Programming Focused on AI

This past April, the Chamber hosted Transforming Your Organization with Artificial Intelligence, a panel discussion focused on how integrating AI into your business strategy can drive growth. Moderated by Derris Boomer, CEO of Boomer Technology Group and sponsored by NJM Insurance, the panel featured Dr. SUNY Cortland Professor Kenneth Cohen, 1SEO Digital Agency CEO CJ Bachmann, and Royce Brook Media CEO Matt Montellione.

The panelists discussed a wide range of AI-related topics, from the very basics of what it is and how it works, to deeper conversations about the impact on organizational culture, ethical implications, real-world output generated by AI, and prompting, as well as the future of AI.

Attendees walked away with actionable insights about how AI can improve their organizations’ operations and the importance of creating an AI plan. As CJ Bachmann said, “AI shouldn’t be a threat. Your competition with AI will be.”

Early feedback from surveys was overwhelmingly positive:

  • “Brought AI down to a level that was understandable as well as educational. Appreciated the links and suggested sites and resources.”
  • “Great topic, knowledgeable panel and some very encouraging and exciting data on the AI space.”
  • “I have attended several sessions on AI, but this was the first one that met me where I was and felt very relevant to my work.”

Attendees also requested that the Chamber “provide similar programming” and “continue to offer hot topics with great subject matter experts.” Look for more informative events about AI in the future!

Princeton Mercer Chamber Unveils New AI Chatbot

Early generation chatbots were little more than answering services for human customer support agents. The chatbot would request information about your question or issue, and you would wait for a human to respond. These chatbots might be able to answer basic questions about location and hours of operation, but if your query wasn’t a precise match for certain information, the chatbot wasn’t intelligent enough to provide the information you need.

The AI chatbot integrated with the Princeton Mercer Chamber website is designed for a simple purpose – to make it as easy as possible for visitors to the chamber website to find the information they need.

“Unlike earlier chatbots, a generative AI chatbot knows user intent,” said Mehul Shah, Founder of Infinity Services, the AI solution company that developed and implemented the chatbot for the Chamber. “Even unanticipated questions can be answered because generative AI knows how to infer user intent, no matter how the query is phrased. It can then look at actual website content and provide an answer.”

The Chamber’s new chatbot is prepopulated with the most popular inquiries, including upcoming events, newsletter registration, how to become a member, and Chamber programs. Website visitors can simply click on one of the popular choices or type something else. The chatbot will keep track of user input and responses to continuously improve and refine responses. The more information it consumes, the smarter it becomes.

“Each user has different interests, priorities, and familiarity with the Chamber and the website,” Mehul said. “A longstanding member, a prospective member, a sponsor, and media personnel all need different things. It’s impossible to build a website that’s perfect for everyone. Now, anyone can ask a question and the chatbot serves up the right content.”

In addition to being able to replicate live chat, the Chamber’s new AI chatbot can provide valuable data into how people are using the website and what information generates the most interest. It can potentially improve different types of conversions (event registration, application submission, etc.) by making it easier for people to find what they need.

Most importantly, Chamber members and the community now have access to a 24/7, on-demand assistant that can point them in the right direction when seeking information on the Chamber website.

We encourage you to go to and try the new chatbot! Look for programs, events, and information that are relevant to your organization. Keep in mind that AI, like any technology, is not perfect. If you experience an issue when using the chatbot, take a screenshot and use the contact form to submit your request. This feedback will enable engineers to continuously tune and improve the chatbot’s output.

“We’re excited about how the new AI chatbot can enhance the member experience on our website and support our staff, not replace them,” Hal said. “We’re grateful to Mehul and the Infinity Services team for creating this valuable tool and look forward to finding ways to incorporate AI into Chamber operations.”

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