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When you just can’t “wing it” anymore!

When you just can’t “wing it” anymore!

Carla Altomare, a cardiovascular perfusionist & epidemiologist, born & raised in Bucks County, a mom to 3, and a busy professional woman, maintained her sanity by hiring “Wingmom” in Delaware in 2017 ( the company’s inception). 
“I am meticulous with my life. My house, my laundry, it all has to be done. And done right”, says Carla. “Raising 3 ( teens at the time ) children, with a high-pressure position, working around the clock, Wingmom was what truly saved me”. “I used the personal assistant, which is my absolute favorite position within Wingmom. They handle laundry, empty dishes, clean the house, tidy, cut veggies, pick up dry cleaning.. whatever you need. They are your extra set of hands”, boasts Carla!
In late 2022, Altomare was convinced this was a service that not only did she support and use, but one she wanted to become involved with. “I called Kate Maxwell, the owner of Wingmom INC and I said, I want to open a Wingmom, laughs Carla!
The company not only helps working and busy moms, but it also empowers moms ( women ) on the other side. Women looking to make money to put their kids through extracurricular activities, and school and want to make money around their children’s schedules.
“ I appreciate and support both sides of the equation at Wingmom, says Carla”.
Carla decided to move back to Bucks County after her youngest left for college this fall. Her older children were in college and the natural pull was to come back home. All of Carla’s friends & family are here or close by. She is a Villa Joseph Marie alumna and is very involved. In May of 2023, Wingmom Bucks County launched! 
“We are here to “build a great support village” for our clients, says Carla. “There is no reason to do it all on your own.”
Wingmom is very involved in the community. Being born, raised, and now returning to her old stomping grounds, Altomare is committed to weaving herself into the pulse of people here. She sponsors the Council Rock North softball team, Villa Joseph Marie, the PA RHINO conservation advocate ( PARCA ), and THE Jimmy Way, to name a few. At Thanksgiving time, they chose 4 local families in need to give big baskets full of all the fixings for the family holiday. Christmas season, they very humbly were able to give a wonderful holiday to many in need.
In Bucks County, babysitting & home organizing are huge, along with personal shopping & gift wrapping. “We have even had a client hire us to test drive a car for them, smiles Carla”! It is evident that the trust just keeps building once you work with Carla & her team.
Giancarlo, Carla’s son is graduating from the Haub School of Business at St. Joseph’s University in June and will be joining Wingmom as the Chief Financial Officer. Devon, her dear friend's daughter, is the Director of Business Development.
Wingmom Princeton, Altomare opened in March 2024! And when asked what the future holds for Wingmom…. Carla lit up! Sparks were coming out of her ears as she picked up her phone and dialed Kate Maxwell, Wingmom founder, she placed her on speaker and said, “Kate! I am sitting here with Danielle, being interviewed for Local Spotlight, is it ok to share the next big news for Wingmom? Kate said, yes!! Do it! Carla shouted…. Wingmom Main Line is next to launch! “I will then own three branches of Wingmom. Bucks County, Princeton, and the Main Line,” gleamed Carla. 
At this time there are Wingmom’s in Delaware, Catskills, and Southeastern PA, in addition to the 3 Altomare is bringing to the table!
“I like that everything is very real and genuine, says Devon Kilgariff ( Director of Business Development ). “There is a very personal touch, and it starts from the top down.”
All of the owners of the branches are very tight. They are all women who see the vision of this business model and maintain the utmost importance of sticking to the original mission: “To build a support village”.
Dr. Carla Altomare wears a lot of hats. Doctor, Clinician, Adjunct Professor, Business Owner, future podcast host ( Hot Mom Check-in stay tuned for more on this! ), and Mom. The most important of all roles is being a mother to her three children who she just idolizes. Being able to go visit them as they embark on Dental school and college days. Being an owner of this franchise allows her to do just that. 
As we were wrapping up our interview, we heard a knock on her office door. It was Carla’s dad, Angelo. He stopped by to surprise her! “It is so good to have you home, he smiled, home doing what you do best, and that’s always been helping people”, proudly said Angelo.
We had a late appointment and had to close up, we could have chatted for hours! Carla had to be up at 5 am. She was heading to a client’s house to fill a personal assistant role before heading to the hospital and then to her office for a meeting! “Wingmom is a win-win for everybody. It’s supporting the household, assisting in the purchase of those special pairs of shoes or cleats, and at the same time, assisting the Mom, who is so desperately in need of help,” says Carla. 
Connect with Wingmom Princeton at 215-360-3151 

Article done by Local Spotlight with Danielle Gannon

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Media Contact : Danielle Gannon

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